Thank you for visiting the WISC website. The Welsh Independent Schools Council acts as a consultative and advisory body for independent schools in Wales and became fully operational on 1st September 2004. On the 10th November 2010 WISC was incorporated. We want to help you find the information that you need. For parents there is a complete, searchable database of all our independent schools with links to the school websites (“Find a School” search).

What does WISC do?

• WISC is the official conduit for the Welsh Government and Estyn for the independent sector in Wales.  WISC promotes the interests of WISC schools, both mainstream and special, in Wales to the political leadership, officials, the media and the public.

• Communicates, informs and negotiates with the Welsh Assembly Government, members of the Welsh Assembly (AMs), including the Education Committee and representatives of the opposition parties (and when necessary with members of the Westminster Parliament (MPs)).

• Lobbies and negotiates with education officials on detailed policy issues.

• Advises member schools and their governing bodies on educational developments and on legislation affecting independent schools.

• Lobbies and negotiates with the Welsh Inspectorate of Education (Estyn), and the Care Inspectorate for Wales (CIW) that has responsibilities under proposed guidelines for pre- and after-school care, boarding pupils and holiday clubs. Heads, teachers and all staff working with children are subject to appropriate checks with relevant public and private bodies. WISC is the point of contact for the independent sector in Wales.

• Monitors Welsh political developments, including those on the Welsh Language, and their impact on the independent sector, and alerts WISC members to emerging issues.

• Represents WISC schools on relevant ‘Welsh Standing Bodies’ such as WJEC, Education Workforce Council, Qualification Wales, Cardiff University Council and the Institute of Welsh Affairs.- any others now?

• Liaises with ISC and other national independent schools’ organizations on training for head teachers and their staff on topics that have a strong Welsh dimension.

• Acts as a channel for parents and the public to ISC information services.

• Runs annual conferences and regular workshop events for member schools.

• Promotes independent school views with local media, in close liaison with ISC.

• Provides information for parents, the general public, the media and other interested bodies.

Black Lives Matter
WISC and the schools it represents, support ‘Black Lives Matter’ and adopt a policy of a zero tolerance for racism or any other type of prejudice. WISC supports all of its member school with their work to eradicate racism in all its forms.